Janet Sedgwick is an Accredited Practitioner



Reiki is an ancient, natural energy healing system, which uses a powerful combination of energy and touch. Reiki is a ‘universal life force’ – also referred to as ‘divine spiritual energy’. As a receiver Reiki will work on the four main aspects of “Being”. Namely: Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.


Reiki Brings healing on all of these levels as well as creative levels. It enhances spiritual awareness, helps to release emotions that are no longer necessary. Also releases stress, Balances energy and can remove mental blocks. Reiki also reaches peace, compassion, truth, integrity, lover and responsibility to self and others.


Janet has full accreditation and will be holding Reiki Workshops for levels 1, 2 and advanced, which will enable you to become a practitioner.

Spiritual / Personal Development Workshops:

These most enjoyable Workshops are designed to assist the Individual to become more ‘in-tune’ and/or ‘connected’ with their Guides /Angels and Masters. Each Module is compiled of interactive components ranging from basic Meditation and Visualization Techniques,  to learning how to Clear and Cleanse self and others, as well as, Charka Know-How and Balancing. Leading into working with Colour Healing, Symbols, Sacred Geometry and Protection. Meet and have revealed your Personal Psychic Guide. Attending this workshop will give you an extremely sound basis

upon which to continue ‘Your’ Spiritual Journey.

Angel Workshops:  

(Tea/Coffee and  Light Lunch included):


Explore the realms of Angel Magic, Angel Healing and Angel Guidance. Learn about the Angel Hierarchy, as well as, grounding & centring yourself, heal your relationships through working with the Angels, release un-forgiveness, gain insight into creating abundance, define more definite goals, work with and release perceived limitations. Balance your charkas and work with visualisation, together with meditation. All this with the powerful interaction of Angels, the Angels of the 7 Rays and ourselves.

I am able to offer the Modules 1, 2 and 3 on an "Individual One-on-One" basis (if you are interested please let me know)........

I have also received a request to do a one-day Workshop on TUESDAYS - this I would have to hold in North Riding, it you know anyone who may be interested please also let me know........

For appointment Call: 011 462 8269 / 082 871 5182