Janet Sedgwick is a Registered Practitioner

Metamorphosis Therapy

Metamorphosis - A tale of transformation

Each one of us is good by nature. We are, however, born with residual energy patterns that can manifest in a multitude of ways that impedes us from achieving our full potential. Often, this results from traumatic experiences that we have personally undergone and we are able to intellectualise the effect of these experiences on ourselves.

Metamorphosis erases stress patterns and allows the original, beautiful being that exist within each of us to achieve full potential as every area of our lives is touched gently, yet profoundly. Metamorphosis is not a medical approach to healing and does not claim to be. It does not treat the symptoms of illness or disease. Illnesses disappear because Metamorphosis is addressing at cellular level the stresses that are the source of the problem.

Every human being benefits from Metamorphosis Therapy. There is no age or condition that is unsafe for the application of metamorphosis. Pregnancy is a particularly beneficial time foe Metamorphosis Therapy, as it will assist the parent and the unborn baby.

Who should receive Metamorphosis?

· Anyone struggling with addictions, anxiety or panic disorders, mental, emotional, behavioral or physical distress or disease such as depression, bulimia, AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, downs syndrome, schizophrenia, bi-polar mood disorder, epilepsy, relationships difficulties.
· Victims of trauma such as abuse or rape.
· Infants, and children with ADD, Downs Syndrome, Autism, Hyperactivity or any other condition.
· Those interested in improving self-confidence, re-discovering self worth, and wishing to enhance the joy of their lives.

How metamorphosis works

Metamorphosis is a means of re-educating the unconscious mind and eliminating deeply seated influences, and shifts one’s understanding of illness, disease and emotional disturbances away from the physical body and towards the underlying stress patterns that permeate physical mental and emotional levels. Incorporating the principle of stimulating the spinal reflex points found in the feet, hands and head. Metamorphosis relies on the powerful inner source of healing available to every form of life.

One of the primary principles of Metamorphosis is healing from the inside out. If we treat troubles from the inside out we focus on the underlying patterns causing the array of symptoms we all experience which means that the healing and changes that take place are permanent, and that our lives change with little effort.

When can metamorphosis be used?


If one struggles with addictions we don’t try to stop the addiction. Addictions can be to food, relationships, alcohol, cigarettes, or any substance usage that creates disharmony in our lives.

Typically we treat behavior problems with modification techniques or medication. If we go from the inside out, there is little effort and no dependency. Addressing the imbalance rather than the symptom means we no longer have to continually struggle with the symptom.

Metamorphosis addresses all illnesses and conditions as expressions of underlying stress patterns. Whether you suffer from Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Aids, Anorexia, Epilepsy. Cold, Flu, Fatigue, the common threat is that you are not in balance with yourself.

Metamorphosis – it’s positive role in Downs Syndrome Epilepsy and Autism.
At this point it may be helpful to say the word retarded means “being held back” and therefore this word could apply to any of us, if we were honest.
With ourselves. So often in my experience and indeed the experience of many others, these children receiving Metamorphosis allow remarkable changes to take place simply and spontaneously.

Mental illness
Mental illness is an imbalance as well; these symptoms can be panic attacks, anxiety, depression, migraine, schizophrenia etc.

Injuries that do not heal have an underlying pattern that is effecting the healing. The body is tremendously self-healing and will let go of the injury unless there was a block hindering the healing, with metamorphosis we don’t diagnose anything, as one comes into balance we cease to create illness.

If the mother is having Metamorphosis sessions while she is still pregnant, the baby will be able to let go of minor or extreme stress patterns prior to birth. This will enable the child to be born healthier and stronger in nature.

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