Janet Sedgwick is an Accredited Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

Reiki Teacher & Practitioner


Reiki is an ancient, natural energy healing system, which uses a powerful combination of energy and touch. Reiki is a ‘universal life force’ – also referred to as ‘divine spiritual energy’. As a receiver Reiki will work on the four main aspects of “Being”. Namely: Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.


Reiki Brings healing on all of these levels as well as creative levels. It enhances spiritual awareness, helps to release emotions that are no longer necessary. Also releases stress, Balances energy and can remove mental blocks. Reiki also reaches peace, compassion, truth, integrity, lover and responsibility to self and others.


Janet has full accreditation and will be holding Reiki Workshops for levels 1, 2 and advanced, which will enable you to become a practitioner.

For appointment call: 011 462 8269 / 082 871 5182